In the current economic climate where electrical prices keep rising, and revenue seems to be falling, it is more important than ever to ensure that power consumption is kept to a bare minimum.

It’s all in the design

To properly reduce energy consumption, Energy management really does begin with creative design, that can only be performed by qualified experts, and generally begins with the fundamentals of how a building is constructed. Factors as simple as the direction a building faces can have a huge bearing on how much power the building consumes in terms of air conditioning and lighting

Many things that consume electricity can be overcome by smarter building design, for example lighting in the daytime can be reduced by adding skylights, or Air Conditioning can be reduced by adding properly designed breezeways through the building or by adding more insulation to the building. There are many relatively simple options available to people to reduce their carbon footprint and their electricity bill, but it all starts with getting the right advice from qualified experts

Control is the key

Energy Management in electrical terms can for the most part, be described as “Control of Electrical Equipment” which can happen in a vast Control switchboard number of ways ranging from simply installing Motion and light sensors to turn lights off if there is nobody in the room, or the room is already bright enough, through to PLC control (Programmable Logic Control) that can operate everything from garden sprinklers, through to speeding up and slowing down motors with VSD’s (Variable speed drives)so that they only use minimum amount of power

PPM 300 display

The level of control of your building obviously depends on the size and purpose of the building, however regardless of how big or small your building is, you need to think about how to best control the usage of power. In fact the Queensland Government across the board, incorporate energy management heavily into their new building designs to ensure that power consumption is kept to a bare minimum. They integrate everything possible from adiing bulk insulation where possible through to having lighting and air conditioning controlled by motion sensor and much more. It really is the mindset of spending $1000 now to save $10,000 later

It’s never too late to start

Just because you building isn’t new, doesn’t mean that there aren’t immediate things that you can do to reduce your energy consumption. At Nauticool, we specialise in energy management, and can advise you on simple ways that you can lower your power bill. If you are concerned that you may be paying too much in power give our office a call on 49483500, and someone from our design team can come out and give you a free energy Audit, and advise you of some simple solutions to reduce your power consumption

For more information on the importance of smart building design, the importance of insulation, and the importance of ventilation please download our free reports on this page.


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