There is no question about the importance of keeping your Air Conditioning unit clean, however knowing who to get to clean it can be quite confusing. Unfortunately the industry of Air Conditioning cleaning is unregulated, which has given rise to businesses claiming to be experts, when they really don’t know air conditioning even works

Most A/C Cleaning companies only offer you a superficial cleaning which jjust isn’t good enough. Whereas for the same price Nauticool we take it a step further and use only licensed technicians to physically maintain your unit, not simply clean it. We use skilled tradesmen to refresh your machine mechanically. Nautical is licensed to check your gas charge, tighten the electrics and properly execute any general maintenance on your unit.

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Air conditioner cleaning. Man in gloves checks the filter. Young Man Adjusting Air Conditioning System.

Your unit will last longer

The build up of algae, mold, dirt and other foreign substances takes a toll on your air conditioning unit. This build up of gunk gets in the way of properly circulating air throughout the room.

A dirty air conditioner runs harder than it needs to, especially if you live in a humid environment & need to have it on for long periods of time.

Regular cleaning adds sustainability and helps you do your part for the environment by not having to replace your unit every few years.

All our Electricians are fully qualified and licenced and receive regular training to ensure they are always up to date with their knowledge and skills. Our Electricians have undertaken projects as small as fitting a few power points through to ones as large as all the electrical and data work on multi-storey office buildings.

You’ll save money

An air conditioning unit that’s been properly serviced, not just cleaned but serviced, will save you money on your power bill.

Your unit is forced to work harder when dirty because there’s less clean space for the air to pass through. You’ll find yourself turning up the air conditioning to get the same desired effect when all it needs is some maintenance.

Your living environment will be physically cleaner

A dirty unit spreads debris across the room. This is a significant risk for people who suffer with allergies.

Without regular and proper maintenance, air conditioners are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.

When combined with the humidity of your environment, this can become problematic.

Nauticool gives your unit a comprehensive refreshing that a basic cleaning cannot be compared to. Regular cleaning is important for maintenance of your machine & the Nauticool approach takes the quality of your unit’s performance to another level.

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